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In the Water to Improve Stream Habitat

Brodhead TU and PHLT member volunteers and TU staff work closely with US Fish and Wildlife Servicestaff under the direction of Refuge Manager Mike Horne at the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge on a Wild Trout Habitat Restoration Project on Cherry Creek at the former Cherry Valley Golf Course.
BTU and PHLT Volunteers and USF&W staff recently completed the second phase of a multiphase multi year stream habitat restoration project.
With on site logs, PHLT donated boulders and used Christmas trees and local quarry stone materials, this habitat improvement project will improve wild trout habitat in this once private stretch of Cherry Creek that will one day be open to public access "special regulation, artificial lures, catch and release" trout fishing.
An example of one of the more sophisticated habitat structures (log crossvein with large rock wing deflectors is attached. Log cross vein and wing deflectors (see site map previously sent) now finished and doing their jo…

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