Lori Colgan . . . a special thanks

Over more than three decades Lori has engaged in conservation work in the Poconos and beyond.  As a mid-career student after the children were grown and gone on their own, Lori spent several years earning a Law Degree in Vermont.  While few who’ve spent time in the wilds of Vermont think of leaving it behind, the lure of the Poconos and the important work needing to be done here brought Lori back home.  Her local professional environmental work legacy includes time with The Nature Conservancy’s Long Pond Office/Hauser Nature Center and the Pike County Conservation District and currently as an environmental studies professor at the Sussex County Community College.

Our paths first crossed decades ago when as a kindergarten teacher in Stroudsburg School District, one of my students was Lori’s son, Leo.  It was this school-year-long interaction as we both watched and guided Leo as he became excited about and learned to explore the natural world that grew into a friendship cemented by a love for the outdoors and learning about and sharing nature explorations with others. Though often separated by intervening years as our children grew and became young adults before our eyes, our friendship remained and paths crossed again as Lori joined the board of directors for Pocono Heritage Land Trust and we worked on local conservation projects together.

Lori’s local volunteer time has included work with both Brodhead Watershed Association and Pocono Heritage Land Trust where she served several years on the Board of both of these local conservation organizations. Lori’s interest in conservation education is evidenced in her support for BWA and PHLT partnering with Stroud Township to develop a watershed and land conservation program at the new Brodhead Creek Heritage Center planned for the ForEvergreen Nature Preserve on the former Evergreen Golf Course near Analomink.

Over the past decade, Lori has been a constant force for land and water conservation as a member of PHLT’s Board.  Most recently Lori has also helped PHLT transition between executive directors as an interim Executive Director and coordinator for PHLT’s partnership with the William Penn Foundation’s Delaware River Watershed Initiative.  In this capacity, Lori spearheaded PHLT planning in two area DRWI land protection clusters (Pocono Kittatinny and Upper Lehigh) and worked tirelessly to complete funding proposals to Wm Penn Foundation for 2018-20 Phase II funding.  This effort will allow PHLT to continue our land protection efforts and conservation education efforts throughout the Poconos.

Thank you, Lori.

If you would like to see a living tribute to Lori’s conservation work, be sure to stop by ForEvergreen Nature Preserve and spend a few minutes enjoying the green and living water-saving BWA “rain garden” located there.  Lori coordinated installation and planting of this special FNP conservation feature.  As do we, the hummingbirds, wrens and song sparrows love Lori’s work here and I’m sure in many other areas of our Poconos where her influence and energy will be shared for decades to come.  Visit www.phlt.org for more information.


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