'Tis the Season (to recycle Christmas trees for wild trout habitat!)

Chris Hartzler and Don Miller, both from PHLT, moved 100+ Christmas trees for reuse as a wild trout habitat for PHLT's stream work project on Cherry Creek.  Nice that they're being repurposed to help wildlife!! 🌲♻️

The trees will be bundled together and placed in the water along with large boulders (donated by PHLT from our GRNP) to provide sheltered habitats for young wild trout and give protection from large overhead winged predators (bald eagles, ospreys, great blue herons, kingfishers, and mergansers).

The Cherry Creek Wild Trout Habitat Restoration Project is at the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge (formerly Cherry Valley Golf Course).  The project is a USF&WS project (Mike Horne, CVWR Manager) in partnership with Brodhead Chapter of Trout Unlimited and Pocono Heritage Land TrustStroud Township, has also helped by providing approximately 100 repurposed Christmas trees to be used for this project and Eagle Rest Cellars, a streamside neighbor will be providing an additional 50 evergreen trees for the project.


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